Rights-free feature on Cuba available to CBU members as the world notes the passing of Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Dear Colleague,

As the Caribbean joins the world in marking the passing of former Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz, kindly note the CBU Media Share portal has been updated with a feature on Cuba, produced by Dr. Sharon Marshall, who was then the Manager of CBU Programme Operations.

The special Caribscope feature, which originally aired in 1993, is available to all CBU members rights-free through the ftp portal.

CBU Media Share is also available for independent programme producers to market and distribute their programming to the CBU’s forty-five (45) members operating in twenty-two (23) countries and territories of the Dutch, English, French and Spanish Caribbean.

Stations interested in transmitting the feature are invited to use the credentials for accessing the ftp portal, previously issued to CBU members.

For further information contact info@caribroadcastunion.org.

Warm regards,