The recent resurgence of fake news, misinformation and what many are calling post-truth and alternate facts make the promotion of media and information literacy urgent.  This is one of the key themes to be addressed during UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 2017 which will be hosted in Kingston, Jamaica from 25 October to 1 November this year.

CBU members and media organizations around the world are encouraged to participate including through some of the low-cost strategies suggested by UNESCO.

Maneras de Bajo Coste para que los Medios Celebren la Semana Mundial MIL…

Célébrations à moindre coût pour les médias – Semaine mondiale EMI 2017

Low-cost Ways for Media to Celebrate Global MIL Week 2017

Planned events/activities to celebrate Global MIL Week should be registered here: so they can be showcased on the digital map

For more information go to the Global MIL Week 2017 official website: Global MIL Week 2017 official website.